Technical Features And Versions Of Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud server is the currently the most in use server which allows to operate in a virtual environmental platform with one’s applications and websites. Cloud server hosting is a better alternative and offer greater flexibility to the people who used to be engage with traditional onsite servers. The network of operation and the scale at which technology is progressed is quite vast and grand with accessibility to third part provider. The term cloud used for cloud computation or server is referred to the involvement of network of remote areas from which applications, web work, and IT acts are available on the internet using cloud. The examples of some popular and highly acclaimed cloud hosting servers are Google, Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft Azure, YouTube, etc. On the other hand, windows sever hosting is the website that utilizes the program of windows operating system, unlike the LINUX access. Windows employs the services of Microsoft software to run, store, manage, and operate on data. The technologies offered by the Windows systems include are ASP, NET, MSSQL, etc. Many commercial and corporate organizations with large and extensive range of network of IT environment need to have Window server system for extra technical features. Even the educational sector also have Window severs install in their infrastructure to support the academic records by Microsoft.  cloud-server-hosting

Cloud server hosting 

Storing and managing information and data on cloud means that it is in easy access for a larger audience at a virtual platform. Unlike the conventional approach of onsite servers on a local computers where the IT professionals or the direct operator has the main access, cloud sever hosting is managed by a third party provider. The examples for understanding cloud servers is the use of primary public cloud for temporary, variable, or seasonal workloads that can be configured on need basis. The features that make cloud servers attractive and adaptive for end users are as follows 

  • Greater flexibility and scalability 
  • Flexible payment and pricing 
  • Automated hosting solutions as operated by an external IT official 
  • Offer virtual services to global audience 
  • Have the largest market share 
  • Cloud infrastructure has a reach of about 65% of the engagement on the server 

Cloud server hosting are of three types which are based on the accessibility of the people. These include private, public, and hybrid. In addition to these general classifications, cloud computing services are also divided into three versions on the support of infrastructure. These types are as follows 

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) 
  • Platform as a service (PaaS) 
  • Software as a service (SaaS) 

Windows sever hosting 

There are two types of server hosts in computer technology. One is the LINUX; quiet suitable for small businesses while the other is the Windows server backed by the Microsoft services and used in organizations with complex IT installations. Any web company which doesn’t specify any plans regarding windows server hosting must be operating on LINUX system. Windows hosting is quite easy and less complicated to understand and manage. This type of installation runs on the hardware devices that are supported by Microsoft. This version of hosting is careful to keep the update of one’s hosting and browsing secure and free from the interferences of external bugs. The technologies that are well-suited for Windows applications are as follows 

  • ASP 
  • Virtual Basic Script 
  • Java Script 
  • NET programming  

Windows server hosting is a type of web hosting which is cost-effective approach and can run smoothly on a local computer connection. In every walk of life with computer use, the most common web hosting one can find with worldwide access is the Windows installation. It is one of the most popular and endlessly in use hosting service in almost every other industry, be it educational, governmental, administrative, commercial, industrial, transportation, export and import. The profitable gain by Windows servers is more, have wider range, and can support more IT services than LINUX. 


 Cloud server hosting is the availability of information and data on internet by the connection of cloud computation. On the other side, windows server hosting is the most common web hosting platform which is backed by the tools of Microsoft.